Our Values

The Standards we Live By

Commitment over Comfort

We’re ready to go above and beyond our comfort zones to serve the people who need us. Our commitment towards service and kindness will remain intact irrespective of the external influences or our personal responsibilities.

Compassion over Cynicism

You never know what someone is going through in their lives. And hence, we choose compassion over everything else. We treat everyone with compassion and never let our personal biases influence our commitment towards it.

Love over Light

We love. We never judge anyone based on their color, tribe, culture, tradition, or gender. We embrace humanity with unconditional love. This means, if there’s someone who needs something, we will help them without judgement.

Comradery over Connection

We’re more than a family. The companionship we share is second to none. We stand by each other and help everyone scale their way up. Our aim is to build a solid community that nurtures trust, love, and commitment towards service.

Playfulness over Protocol

We’re playful and not protocol-oriented. We believe in making our kindness drives an enjoyable experience for everyone. Our playfulness stems from our commitment and a sincere responsibility to serve others. Occasionally, we break the rules for good.

Equality over Eminence

We’re all one. We never let our personal indifferences influence our comradery. We eat, play and work together. There are no set responsibilities as such. We’re always excited to take responsibilities out of their comfort zones.

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